Monday, 13 June 2016

Weekly production log

Week one 

This week I've made plans on what i'm going to be doing for my documentary on paper and i will be discussing it in a group which will help me expand my idea. I've also started research on the topic of racism as it's the base of my documentary and having facts would make documentary accurate and help with the flow,

Week two

Today I've just did my pitch which I've uploaded on blogger and have written what i will be changing/improving in order to reach standards. For the rest of the week i will be researching and will be finding already made pieces of work (poetry/spoken words/ other documentary's) which can motivate me. I've uploaded some videos from YouTube which i can use in my work as archive footages and can refer to.

Week Three

Whilst researching for archive footage's and racism related works i found two artists which i may want to be involved in the filming to give their insights and to keep that objective nature. I have emailed both Sulli breaks and Nego True (poets) and hope they will reply to either accepting to be interviewed or via email which i don't really mind. I'm also starting to think about the structure of the documentary and how it'd grab the audience's attention. I've started my shooting script according to my narrative arc and I've uploaded it which is just an outline of how it will run.

Week four 

I still haven't heard from the two poets i'd like for my documentary however,  personally i know a poet who also has strong views on racism which has agreed to have an interview with me on the 18th of June 2016 for a couple minutes. He will be preparing something based on the title "Are black people just attention seeking nowadays?"I will also prepare at least 3 questions which will sort of complete another persons perspective apart from mine in the documentary.

Week five

Since i'm going to start filming this week i'm going to start filling in my production schedule in order to actually start the documentary as well as call sheets and risk assessments.

Week six
Most of the filming is done and I've started editing the main bits. This week i will be making my voice overs and finish filming as well as hardcore editing.

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