Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Narrative arc

The main theme that's going to persist throughout my documentary is racism despite the title "Are black people just attention seeking nowadays?" as racism revolves around the question. My documentary is going to be objective hence why I'm going to cover different parts of this question and make the audiences answer it themselves. At first, I was going to combine shots in a way to achieve subjectivity in accordance with my personal opinion however what if black people are not attention seeking; therefore my documentary will be unbiased.

This is the structure the documentary will go in despite being non-linear:

  1. Introduce the topic/question e.g. where the idea that came from and why people may think that. Also create a branch of topics we will be touching in order importance: The media, History (Roots of racism), celebrities, Racism in the UK and America
  2. Statistics & Research related 
  3. Interviews with questions put together Will be done in school and on the streets to get wider opinions from different ethnicities 
  4. Bring up the question again 
  5. Open ending could leave the same question

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