Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Script Overview 

Beginning - "Are black people just attention seeking nowadays?"  The sudden outlash of black recognition by black people and  When you look at attention seeking..there's good attention seeking and there's bad attention seeking.

Below is my possible shooting script which i would say is not very accurate as it is possible that i will be changing as well as adding more to it.

(Possible argument -Black people deserve to attention seek and that is just a part/way for them to overcome racism. Black beauty pages may encourage white people to see the beauty but it still revolves around colour even though anti-racism is about seeing no colour which may worsen racism.)

Questions for interviews (not in a specific order)

  1. Opinions on racism
  2. Do you think black people attention seek at times (especially in this generation/era)  If yes, is it good attention seeking? 
  3. Have you ever been affected by racism? 
  4. *listens to formation or Blacker the berry* Reaction to the lyrics? 
  5. Do you think black people are the only people who racism affects the most? 
The reason for these open questions are because I want to get as much responses as possible in order to co-ordinate with the time duration and to have a variety of different opinions to achieve objectivity. 

Research Notes 

  • Uk discrimination laws - racism in the UK is less than the US. 
  • America does not really have regulations which protect or come under racism which can be a point that celebrities out-lash of opinions is reasonable. 
  • After the most influential people who helped stop racism in the 60s have died, racism came back. 
  • Racism in the UK is not white on black any more, it's everyone against Muslims
  • Comedy and memes may be the reason for the rise in racism lately which may make racism seem like a joke (vines/instagram)
  • Instagram pages @blackrockingit @darkskin.blackgirls etc. 

Archive footages
  1. Archive footages
  2. Locations
  3. Sound 

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