Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Group Pitch Evaluation

Based on the feedback i received from the pitch i'm going to continue with my idea as the group helped me develop my ideas well, as well as the factors that i didn't consider such as the Nichol's theory conventions. For example, before the pitch i hadn't decided if i was going to be in the documentary or not but then whilst talking with the group, the idea physically being in the video (performative mode) which helps with my subjective side of the story and help the audience see the angle I'm coming from.  We also looked at the target audience which i didn't think to address  as racism is a very wide topic and i thought it would affect everybody but as we were talking i figured out it was important as racism may only affect the older generation and is only taking up by older/mature people from at least the age of 9. A age younger than 9 i'd say don't take account of it but then that is just my opinion or the way i see it.

The pitch is just above.

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