Friday, 29 April 2016

Codes and conventions of new packages

I will be referring to the news above and pointing out the codes and conventions in this report as well as news packages as a whole.

In order to have any report, a structure is required which puts it together. In a news report, the story and situation being discussed and produced may be concluded to be in a chronological/linear structure in the way shots have been combined and the way the news has been told to be received by audiences.

In a typical news report (like the one above), the introduction introduces the viewer to the story by the lead summary explaining how a recent document released declared how an 'Academic' school is portraying itself as a Islamic school which is obviously against the law shown in 2:39 and starts off in a studio.The way this information has been released by the reporter is very formal and she looks truthful as the reporter dressing in a 'smart' way tends to give the impression that they are very smart. This can also be looked at by the way she talks in terms of dialect and tone/pitch. She has a formal British way of talking and her tone was subtle and calm.

After the lead summary the reporter creates links to exterior location which consists of a field reporter elaborating on the story and allows interviews and references (quotes) which engages the viewers as if the only location and scene viewers had to keep up with it'd be very boring.  If you have a look at 4:24 you will see the school kids getting interviewed by the field reporter with a clear medium shot and close up throughout which allows the audience to persevere and also take in their responses better; with those shot types you can see the boys are secondary school pupils and they look like teenagers which means their opinions and what they say might be valid. This makes an interview very effective. In this case, the students have been sort of lied to about going to an academy but is actually in fact an "Islamic school" the confusion and displeasure on their face creates sympathy having an effect on the audience and adding to the story.

Actuality Footage tends to come after interviews, in this news report 5:09 and 9:04 are the actuality footages showing present discussions and what is being done to help this issue. 5:09 shows the school leaders denying the allegations and 9:04 shows government intervention with a debate in the house of commons. This makes the documentary very objective and balanced as we hear from the accused and those who arose the issue(especially being  BBC news ran by the government, they must have to intervene) . The audience get both sides of the story which helps with understanding of the story.

After all the interactions and development of the story the field reporter later Links back to studio in order to summarise the whole story and move on to the next story which will probably follow the same report structure.

This school 'crisis' being the first report may have been the reason why an archival footage hasn't been shown to avoid overusing it. However we can find it in the news report at 14:01 where it shows a fire that occurred in Pakistan the night before the news report and the reporter uses that to show evidence as well as to make reference to.


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